Naked man steals bus then things get weird

 A strange situation spanning Adams, York, and Cumberland Counties in Pennsylvania happened early Tuesday morning.

According to Carroll Township Police Department, police received a call on Tuesday about seeing a stolen bus being driven by Tony Saunders in Dillsburg at around 7:10 a.m.

At some point, police say Saunders drove over a berm, almost flipping the bus. He then drove the vehicle onto Gettysburg Drive and turned into a nearby neighborhood, where he exited the bus and ran from police.

Officers say as Saunders ran, he stripped off his clothes until he was fully naked, running through numerous parking lots and busy traffic areas.

Police say Saunders was then arrested nude and later admitted to taking the bus earlier Tuesday morning after crashing a BMW vehicle.

According to law enforcement, Saunders also admitted to placing a dead deer inside the bus and was attempting to drive it to his home to use as fertilizer for his garden. KATV