New low for The City by the Bay: Woman gives birth on sidewalk – video


In downtown San Francisco, this shocking video captured the moment a woman, fully clothed, gave birth to a baby on a sidewalk. The public witnessed the birth, and the video shows the new mother lying on the ground with her newborn wrapped in a white blanket beside her. Onlookers can be heard reassuring the disoriented woman and keeping the baby covered. Despite the unsanitary conditions, the mother and child were taken to a local hospital in stable condition, according to the San Francisco Fire Department, who were unable to provide further details due to privacy laws.

While we have no idea whether the mother was a drug addict, the fact remains that this child was brought into the world on a cold, filthy, needle/feces/urine/rat infested concrete block. It’s time the 45th Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, London Breed, set her mind to fixing the street problems that plague this once beautiful city.