FAFO: Decriminalizing shoplifting has terrible consequence for blue cities

Democrat-controlled cities are out of control. Crime is rampant. Infrastructure is being destroyed. Police are quitting. 9-11 calls go unanswered. Yet despite this, Democrats are doubling down on lax policies that enable and encourage this behavior: Defunding police, releasing repeat offenders, not prosecuting crimes, maximizing homelessness, decriminalizing drugs, etc. Major retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and others are closing stores in blue cities everywhere. Not because they are losing business to online sales, but because shoplifting has become out of control and instead of preventing it, local authorities are decriminalizing and incentivizing it.

Here are some recent – terrible – examples. Look at this mother trying to shop in Chicago where Walmart is now closing four stores. She is crying and pleading with her community to stop stealing and destroying Walmart so she can feed her children.

This sarcastic comment says it all about San Francisco.

Got to have that Nike. I love the worker who ironically says, “Thanks for shopping with us,” as the looters exit the building.

Does CRT teaching explain it all?