A Review of the Pfizer Documents

The modern pharmaceutical industry has in many ways proved itself a great benefit to mankind, making health- and life-saving drugs and vaccines widely available. But its reputation has come under attack in the wake of America’s opioid epidemic and the COVID pandemic. Here, Naomi Wolfe, summarizes the key revelations to date that a team of 3500 medical and scientific experts have found in the Pfizer documents. 

Dr. Wolf was de-platformed and sustained a global reputational attack — spearheaded by the White House, CDC, DHS and Twitter — for telling the truth about harm to women’s fertility via the MRNA injection. Only the faith-based and liberty-oriented Hillsdale College – (which made the decision at a critical inflection point in its history not to accept government funding) — out of all the universities in America, brought her to campus to speak.