More theories and questions from the Tucker Fox Exit

In the past week, Fox News has lost Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, and a $787 million lawsuit to Dominion Voting. Is Paul Ryan, member of the board of directors, trying to destroy that network? Has the new batch of limousine liberals in the Murdoch family had enough? What do you think was the final cause of the break-up? And can we be sure that Fox fired Tucker? Is this his move to the Next Big Thing?

Was it the footage me might release?

Remember the 44,000 hours of January 6th footage that Tucker said he would release? It never came out. Why?

Was it political?

Did he piss off an alphabet agency?

Or expose J6 as a sham?

Or because Dominion put it in the settlement?

Or because he called JFK’s death an inside job?

Or Joe’s announcement – the very next day?

Or last week’s Heritage talk?

Or because Paul Ryan is a d*ck?