The Aussie Wire – A Homegrown Antidote to Leftist Media

In this video Topher explains what The Aussie Wire is all about, what drives them, what’s coming up, and how you can be a part of The Aussie Wire as they change the face of Australian Media forever.

As we all witnessed during the pandemic, the draconian response of the leftist Australian government, which was so extreme its police force fired on citizens who gathered in a group, was cheered on by partisan media in cahoots with the politicians. This new-media platform is committed to Truth, Freedom, and Hope. It has been founded by Australian conservative activist Chris”Topher” Field. Topher is a friend of Self Reliance Central where we have been following his work for years on this site. Look for him on YouTube or on this site and you’ll be amazed at the calibre of his work. 

If you have friends in Australia – share this. They need to hear what he has to say.