Move over Florida Man – Here’s Arkansas Woman with her “attack fauns”, duct tape bikini & – naturally – some meth.


The Florida Man phenomenon has become a popular internet meme, with users sharing news articles and headlines featuring Florida Man stories on social media platforms. The phenomenon has been attributed to a combination of factors, including Florida’s open public records laws, the state’s large population, and its reputation as a hub for retirees, tourists, and party-goers. There are so many instances there’s a calendar where you can click to see what Florida Man was up to on your birthday!

But now he’s got some competition. Seriously lady, a duct tape bikini?

The full tweet says: Bridgette Watkins, 43, of Summit, Arkansas was arrested. Allegedly, she has been taking fawns into her home and training them to be attack animals. Arkansas Game and fish reports, “At the time of her arrest, Watkins was in possession of several grams of meth, four fawns, and many broken stolen electronics.” Authorities were alerted when people discovered deer wandering onto their porches and rummaging through their garages after Watkins had given them methamphetamine. One homeowner, who followed the fawns back to Watkins’ residence in an attempt to recover his property, was met by an angry Watkins wearing nothing but a duct tape bikini while she disassembled a clock radio. Charges pending further investigation.