May is Volcano Awareness Month! Here’s how they’re a wake-up call for climate scientists!

Major volcanic eruptions throw out massive amounts of ash, CO2 gas, sulfur, and water vapor into the oceans and atmosphere. These emissions act to alter biological environments, physical environments, and our climate.

The January 2022 eruption of the ocean-floor Tonga volcano was a wake-up call for climate scientists advocating the climate change theory because this one eruption proved that ocean-floor volcanic eruptions have a far greater influence on climate than is currently portrayed.

“In January 2022, the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai undersea volcano erupted with such force it sent massive amounts of ash, gas, and water into the atmosphere. Unlike other large eruptions, the blast sent massive amounts of water (146 million metric tons) into the atmosphere, which has a warming effect. Because the blast was so powerful, much of that water made its way all the way up to the stratosphere, which means it will take many years for it to fall back to Earth. In this new effort, the researchers used radiative transfer models to estimate the global temperature impact of blasting all that water into the stratosphere. They found a warming effect of 0.12 Watts per square meter, shortly after the blast. They then used the data from the model as input to a standard climate model to make estimations regarding likely average global temperature increases over the 10 years following the eruption” (see here) More in the article below.

Long video looking at plausible alternative explanation to anthropomorphic global warning

A video that summarizes the building block principles of the Plate Climatology Theory and provides specific research proven examples supporting these principles. The viewer will learn how geological forces affect or control climate and climate related events of; Antarctica, the Arctic, El Nino’s / La Nina’s, so-called Ice Ages, or land volcanic eruptions.

By reviewing the entire one- and one-half hour video the reader will gain a full appreciation for the significant and underappreciated influence of geological forces on climate.

If you have ever wondered whether there is a plausible alternative explanation to the many modern and ancient climate phenomenon currently being attributed solely to atmospheric forces, as per the Global Warming/Climate Change Theory, this is your chance to review such a plausible alternative explanation.