Foreign leader calls for Trump’s reelection “Bring us peace again!”


Hungary’s populist prime minister likened liberalism to a “virus” in an opening speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in the Hungarian capital on Thursday, painting a picture of a global right-wing movement mobilizing to defeat “progressive elites.”

“Hungary is actually an incubator where experiments are done on the future of conservative policies. Hungary is the place where we didn’t just talk about defeating the progressives and liberals and causing a conservative Christian political turn, but we actually did it,”

Viktor Orban

Viktor Orban’s speech at CPAC Hungary centered around battling what he frequently described as “woke culture,” and delved primarily into hot-button cultural topics such as transgender and LGBTQ+ rights, migration and the content of education for children.

The two-day conference, the second in Hungary in as many years, featured segments titled “Make Kids Not War” and “No Country for Woke Men.” A sign over the entrance to the venue, a conference hall on the Danube River, read, “No Woke Zone.”

FROM THE WEBSITE:  this year’s CPAC Hungary will concentrate on the liberals’ nightmare: the international convergence of national forces. Hungary’s Prime Minister outlined the 12 points of the conservative recipe for success at last year’s event, including his admonition to play by our own rules, make friends and build communities. The Hungarian Right can act as an intellectual and political driving force in this process. CPAC Hungary 2023 will therefore provide a unique platform for joining with our allies in North and South America, Europe, Japan, Israel and Australia in proclaiming “United We Stand!”

In there video below the leader says: “

Orban said he was certain that “if President Trump were president now, there would be no war affecting Ukraine and Europe today.” 

“Come back, Mr. President, make America great again, and bring us peace!” he said, to vigorous applause from the audience.”