Far-left NYC Mayor picks wrong County to mess with on ‘sanctuary’ migrants.

A county leader in New York City’s northern suburbs threatened to deploy police to block hundreds of migrants the Big Apple is planning to bus elsewhere in the state.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is sending migrants from the sanctuary city to a hotel in the suburbs of picturesque Rockland County — a move the top county official says the community is “not equipped to handle” and an “unfortunate passing of the buck by, first, the federal government, and now NYC.”

The county, which is famous as the backdrop of many TV shows and films, is led by Ed Day, a Republican, who slammed ultra-liberal Mayor Eric Adams during a fiery radio interview, when he issued fighting words in response to the plan.

“[Adams] never asked for an opinion, he just said, ‘Screw you, Rockland County,’” Day said, according to a report from the New York Post Sunday. “Well, here is my response… Mr. Adams, you can try to run us over, [and] I will reach up and grab you by the throat for the people of Rockland County.”

“Within that cadre of people who are coming here, who are not vetted, we have child rapists, we have criminals, we have MS-13,” Day told WABC-770 AM. “There’s a reason why there’s a process.”

This is how you do it

Day said that Adams had the “utter audacity” to attempt the move, noting that Rockland officials were not consulted on the issue until just before the weekend. He accused the mayor of being a “bully” that believes “we’re just going to roll over.”

“You are not getting away with this. You picked the wrong person to fight with,” Day said. 

Day declared a state of emergency Saturday that bans cities in Rockland, about 35 miles from the heart of downtown Manhattan, from housing migrants. (FOX)

“NYC Eric Adams called me earlier today to notify me of plans to house migrants at a hotel in Orangetown, which I later learned was the Armoni Inn located in Orangeburg,” said County Supervisor Teresa Kenny in a Facebook post. 

She immediately did this.

The town is conservative, and is fighting back against the partisan move by progressive NYC Mayor Eric Adams.