As Big Brother Gains a foothold in Our Homes – Do This in Readiness


As digital media are “updated” to reflect the social tropes of our age, it’s time to collect hard copies of books, films and music. And keep a VHS/DVD player safe. One day we might find these originals to be vital in our war against the global cabal, the Deep State and its puppets in politics. As well as the classics and political tomes, remember to include books on traditional skills, medicines and remedies.

Amazon is “updating” books on Kindle, Netflix is “cleaning” old movies and publishers are being forced to “rewrite” books from authors who used words we don’t permit any more. In addition, a problem with digital storage is you don’t own it. It’s merely a licence that can be pulled at any time. Moreover, if the company where your purchases are stored goes under, you have a problem. Remember, several digital platforms have already failed.

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