Is the US the next Zimbabwe?

Although the video (below) this clip was taken from is nearly four years old, when FEE re-released it as a Short two weeks ago, it immediately took off. That’s because we’re all concerned about the US economy and the people in charge of it. So here’s a warning for us all. You can’t print your way out of problems. You must have a balanced budget and a realistic loan/repayments policy that doesn’t depend on a zero interest rate. Otherwise we turn into a third-world basket case. If we haven’t already.

Full video here

Want to see the real time treasury statement?

The Monthly Treasury Statement (MTS) dataset provides information on the flow of money into and out of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. It includes how deficits are funded, such as borrowing from the public or reducing operating cash, and how surpluses are distributed. Further tables categorize spending (outlays) by department and agency, revenue (receipts) by specific taxes or other government sources of income, and transactions with trust funds such as Social Security or Medicare. All values are reported in millions of U.S. dollars.