Weaponizing banks against us

I’m not naive enough to believe that my privacy is anything more than a comforting myth.  Basically, if the government can, it will.  Your Social Security number was intended to be only for Social Security.  We were guaranteed  that it would never, ever, become any kind of national ID number.  Can you think of the last time you were able to conduct any financial transaction (short of buying a pack of gum at the local convenience store with cash) that didn’t involve your SS number at some level?  Me neither.

With a court order the federal government, or for that matter your state government, can pretty much access anything in your life.  But, other than the fraud perpetrated by the FBI and the FISA (Foreign Investment Surveillance Act) courts, they had to have a pretty good reason to snoop.

Not any more.

The banks — in this case Bank of America — are just handing over the information without being asked.

Travel somewhere that the Feds might find interesting?  Bank will hand over the info.

Buying a gun or ammo?  Your credit card company may be spilling the beans.

Do anything that the woke crowd dislikes and your transactions will be transmitted to the appropriate bureaucrat.

Now, I’m not talking illegal stuff, or acting in accordance with a court order.

This is just your bank ratting you out to the Feds for something of which they disapprove.

I have no idea when this stops.  When banks and other financial institutions will regain their senses and fight to safeguard your privacy.

But, for now, keep a close watch on what your bank is doing with your information.