Senator takes dramatic stand -Vows to stonewall EVERYTHING until he gets this!

SEN. RAND PAUL: From day one, from January 31 of 2020, [Fauci] was conspiring with fellow virologists to cover this up because he knew he had been one of the world’s leading advocates of gain of function research for at least a decade. He’s quoted as saying that gain of function research is so important that even if a pandemic breaks out, it’ll be worth the knowledge. He’d been an advocate for a decade. He was an advocate and the chief architect of funding the lab in Wuhan. So he knew from the very beginning if this leak from the lab in Wuhan, that the guilt, the culpability for the pandemic would attach to his horrific decision to fund this lab. And so, no, he’s been trying to cover it up from day one. It’s only in the last six months or so he started saying this “open mind” thing. But no, he’s been part of an elaborate cover-up to make sure that no one ever knew the truth. But we’re going to get to the truth, I promise.