Is it time to let her go and select a black woman?

The Democratic party is facing an internal rift over how to handle the diminishing abilities of one of their own. There is open debate within the party over whether Senator Dianne Feinstein, 89, whose health and cognitive abilities have come into question after a two-and-a-half-month absence due to shingles and other medical complications, should resign.

Questions over Feinstein’s ability to effectively represent California have been a sensitive issue for Democrats going back years. As her diminishing health plays out in the public eye there is a renewed urgency to the situation. Riding out her term in absentia until retirement next year is also not a viable option, with Feinstein being the tie-breaking vote on the Senate judiciary committee, which holds confirmation hearings for judicial nominees, making her, effectively, the only person who can ensure that Joe Biden’s picks for judges go through. Guardian

Gavin Newsom will be the governor who picks a successor to fill the seat should Feinstein resign before the end of her term.

“I’m sure Governor Newsom has a plan to appoint an African American female,” said Vilma Dawson, an attendee of the state Democratic Party Convention held over the weekend. Pausing to consider her words, she continued, “I don’t think the governorship is where he’s going to stop his political career. People have long memories as to whether they can trust someone to support, shall we say, promises that they made.”

In 2021, Newsom had said, “The answer is yes,” when asked on MSNBC if he would nominate a Black woman for Feinstein’s seat. MSN