Are you proud of this?

It’s not that we’re especially anti-gay, or homophobic, or any of the other slurs they like to throw at conservatives these days, but we are ticked that we were never consulted about flying a flag that celebrates just one slice of the American Pie. Why the Pride flag and not the Green Bay Packers’, or the DAR, or the American Sign Language Users’ flag? What is it about sexuality that gets it a pass to be front and center all the damn time?

Not all of our deceased military would have approved of the lifestyle choice of homosexuality. But each and every one gave their life for their fellow Americans. Why should we raise the question of what people do in the privacy of their homes while celebrating the sacrifice of the Fallen who gave their Everything for this country?

The modern obsession with sex is odious. We can’t wait for the pendulum to return us to a time when bedroom and bathroom habits are not considered fit conversation for decent people.

We stand with Congressman Mike Ezell of Mississippi who in a letter to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs, has requested for the pride flag and any other flags promoting social policy positions or making a political statement to be removed.