Robert F. Kennedy on Big Pharma. Hint, he’s not a fan.

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., very few people are aware of the fact that Anderson Cooper gets the majority of his CNN pay-check from Pfizer. 80 percent of Cooper’s $12 million annual salary, roughly $10 million, comes directly from Pfizer, he says. TO be fair, most of American TV is supported by Big Pharma. Even Fox News is funded by the same drugs that prop up CNN. Ozempic, Rybelsus and Humira are household names in the USA. Drugs are not generally advertised on TV stations around the world. the US is exceptional in this regard.

There used to be no direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceutical products on TV. The FDA changed the law that prohibited it in 1997. And when that happened, “it launched a tsunami of pharmaceutical dollars into the advertising space and gave the pharmaceutical companies control not only of the platform for advertising their products but also control of content on the nightly news,” said Kennedy.

“The media in our country is an extension of the pharmaceutical industry,” Kennedy said. “Seventy-five percent of advertising revenues now on the mainstream media are now coming from pharma, and that ratio is even higher for the evening news because the evening news is where you see pharmaceuticals advertised.”

One of the reasons Tucker Carlson was kicked off of Fox News is because he started to challenge the narrative over COVID vaccinations.

Apparently, Jr. Roger Ailes, a former Fox News executive, once told Kennedy that if any of his hosts allowed him on TV to talk about mercury vaccines, he would be forced to fire them because “75% of his advertising revenues for the nightly news shows were at that point coming from pharma.”

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