Can MAGA Light beat the real thing?

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Since June 2015, no one in the Republican Party has known how to beat Donald Trump. 

At first, it was because they didn’t think that they needed to. Then it was because everything that they tried failed: calling him too extreme, criticizing his inexperience, attacking his indifference to how such things normally work. Republican voters just kept on preferring Trump, and he kept doing everything in his power to make sure they did.

DeSantis thought he was a contender. With a deep donor base, a state success story, a high profile against “wokeness” and a tough stance on immigration he thought he held the keys to the kingdom. It’s widely known the Florida governor wants to put together a broad GOP coalition. But his poll numbers are sagging. His message isn’t resonating. His personality fades in comparison with the master of communication. Against any other politician he’d look good. But that’s not what Trump is to his base. Trump is a leader, a friend who has their back.

In Virginia, for instance, Trump holds a 20-point lead for the Republican nomination. Interestingly, in this IA poll, after all voters had registered their first choice, they were asked a follow-up about whom they would choose as a second option; the results below show where the supporters for a selection of leading candidates or potential candidates could go next. Here Ron begins to shine. Suggesting that if Trump were to lose support, or if DeSantis were to skip this cycle, he has enough of a following to make a go of it and eventually win a nomination. 

DeSantis is not taking things lying down. He is campaigning hard and is gaining momentum in his uphill battle to face former President Donald Trump in the key red states of Texas and Iowa, recent polls indicate. 

The Florida governor has gained 14 points among Republican primary voters in Texas but still falls behind Trump as a nominee for the highest office. 

Trump is up 47% to 23%, according to a new poll of over 1,000 voters in the Lone Star State by the Defend Texas Liberty PAC. An April poll by the PAC showed Trump toppling DeSantis 54% to 16%. 

The MSM is anxious to show that Trump is an albatross around the GOP’s neck. Unlikely pro-DeSantis polls keep appearing where he is cleaning Trump’s clock. Never forget – that terrific as Ron is as a Governor – his presidential run has the full backing of the uniparty cabal of Bush/Cheney/Rove and their legacy of war and recession. 

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