Oxfam charity shows its true colors, again.

Originally, and nobly, created to eliminate world hunger Oxfam has now been infiltrated by the worst of the woke brigade. 

Its most recent scandal in 2018 was shocking. The Oxfam child sex abuse scandal was a series of disturbing incidents involving employees of the international charity organization Oxfam, which came to light in 2018. The scandal primarily revolved around allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse committed by some Oxfam staff members, including the exploitation of children.

The controversy began when it was revealed that Oxfam’s workers, stationed in Haiti during the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, had engaged in sexual misconduct with local prostitutes, some of whom were minors. The allegations implicated senior Oxfam officials, including the country director at the time. It was reported that some staff members had paid for sex parties, and there were claims of other inappropriate behavior, such as the use of Oxfam resources.

The scandal drew widespread condemnation and led to significant repercussions for Oxfam. The organization faced criticism for its handling of the situation, as it was alleged that it had not acted swiftly or transparently enough to address the misconduct. The incident raised concerns about the protection of vulnerable individuals, the abuse of power, and accountability within the humanitarian sector.

As a result, Oxfam’s reputation suffered a severe blow, with significant financial consequences. The scandal led to a decline in public trust, donor withdrawals, and funding cuts from governments and institutions. Oxfam allegedly implemented various reforms and measures in response to the scandal, including stronger safeguarding policies, enhanced vetting procedures for staff, and increased transparency in reporting misconduct.

You think they’d learn

But no, Oxfam has gone from its workers abusing kids and sex workers abroad, to pushing out political cartoons depicting ‘evil’ TERFs ( trans-exclusionary radical feminists). Or basically, demonising any women that dare defend or speak or against biological men in their toilets or sports events.

June is Pride month. Pride no longer merely supports homosexuals but now pushes sex and gender boundaries to the brink of pedophilia, bestiality and beyond. It has embraced transgenderism. In a video for Pride month, Oxfam accused woman who feel demeaned or threatened by transgender women of beings TERFs. There was a backlash and they have now retracted and retrenched. It is too little, too late.