White House “Pride” Message to kids earns swift rebuke from Elon Musk

From the Sniffer in Chief, father to a pervert, abandoner of a grandchild, the man who famously grabs children inappropriately, allegedly showered with his daughter, and is nicknamed “Pedo Pete” by his scumbag son, Hunter, comes this massive piece of virtual signaling bullshit.

The White House has disgraced itself this month by flying the so-called pride flag over the White House, equally aligned with the Stars and Stripes.

Now it’s coming for our kids. In this video Joe Biden claims that all children are “ours”. Here, he separates out those kids who are being indoctrinated at school into believing they are homosexual, or will fit in better if they “transition”. This is classic socialist separation of classes. And Elon Musk is having none of it.

Sometimes it looks as thought Elon blew $45 billion just to protect children from adults who want to molest, indoctrinate or mutilate children. He is a fierce protector of children’s right to be children.

Here he slams the Biden-Harris White House.