Harrowing video shows how badly racial integration is going!

This happened in broad daylight in Bordeaux, France. It is a violent attack on an elderly woman and her granddaughter and it has sparked uproar in France.

Authorities said the incident took place in Bordeaux, a port city in southwestern France, on Monday. Video captured by surveillance cameras showed a man standing in the street close to a house as the 73-year-old woman and the young girl were standing on the doorstep looking out.

Authorities said the video and witness statements led police to quickly arrest the suspect, who wasn’t identified. The woman was taken to the hospital, and no information was given on her condition. The suspect is reported to be a French man, born in Bordeaux in 1993. This has been reported by local cable network BFM TV, citing a police source. The man was known to police, according to the network.

It is obvious that the street person/mad man is intent on taking the child away and is only stopped when something – maybe the dog – scares him off. And you can see the woman is trying to be discreet about going back through her front door. That fraction of a second, caused by trying “not to look rude and racist”, was enough to be her undoing.

The old France would never have stood for this. This person has not assimilated. That he was known to the police is outrageous.