IRS Whistleblower says enough to put Hunter in jail – and yet…


Two IRS whistleblowers allege sweeping misconduct, including interference in the Hunter Biden tax investigation, according to the GOP House Ways and Means Committee chairman and newly released transcripts of congressional interviews with the whistleblowers.

Earlier this week, Biden agreed to enter guilty pleas for two misdemeanor tax charges that related to his failure to pay tax on more than $3 million in income. As part of the deal with Delaware U.S Attorney David Weiss — who was appointed by then-President Donald Trump and was kept in the position by the current administration to continue the probe — Biden will avoid full prosecution on a separate gun possession charge. A Delaware judge must approve the agreement at a hearing currently set for July 26.

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, who recently spoke exclusively with CBS News’ Jim Axelrod, told congressional investigators the IRS findings supported more severe penalties.

“This recommended felony tax evasion charges, that’s 7201, is tax evasion, and 7206(1) is a false tax return, also a felony, for the tax years 2014, 2018, and 2019. And for Title 26 7203, which is a failure to file or pay, that is a misdemeanor charge for ’15, ’16, ’17, ’18, and ’19,” Shapley said.

“The testimony we have just released details a lack of U.S. attorney independence, recurring unjustified delays, unusual actions outside the normal course of any investigation,” Chairman Jason Smith told reporters. CBS reported on making a big break for the usual MSM silence over the Biden family and their criminal activities, preferring to deflect and focus on President Trump’s legal issues.

And there’s more coming down the pike, including possible treason

Congressional Republicans have alleged that Hunter Biden and the president’s brother James Biden were involved in a deal with Chinese conglomerate CEFC China Energy in August 2017. And in particular, GOP lawmakers are interested in an email that became public in 2020, when Republicans obtained information from a laptop alleged to have belonged to Hunter Biden.

The message, which bore the subject line “Expectations,” outlines a “provisional agreement” for “equity” in a deal with a Chinese energy company. 

Two of Hunter Biden’s former business partners who received the message, including Tony Bobulinski, told CBS News that a line in the email, “10 held by H for the big guy?” is shorthand for 10% held by Hunter Biden for his father. CBS