CIA’s June Priorities? Not Chasing Terrorists! 🌈

Pride Month is an occasion for all of us at the Agency to pay tribute to the rich history, community, and mission contributions of our LGBTQ+ officers,” the agency tweeted.

The CIA joins a series of governmental agencies that have publicly used social media accounts to celebrate Pride Month.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin released a statement to “honor the service, commitment, and sacrifice of the LGBTQ+ Service members and personnel who volunteer to defend our country.”

He wrote: “I believe that the story of America should be one of widening freedom, not deepening discrimination. In 2021, I was honored to implement President Biden’s directive to ensure that transgender Americans who wish to serve and meet Department standards are able to do so — openly and free from discrimination.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken wrote a statement, which promised his department would, “promote and protect the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons around the world.” Also, “Who you love and how you identify has nothing to do with how bravely you can fight for your country. “

The U.S. Navy posted photos to commemorate Pride Month on Instagram, but removed them shortly after, causing some to suspect they capitulated to backlash.

In 2021, the CIA released a much-criticized campaign called “Humans of CIA,” in which a female CIA agent confidently introduced herself as a “first generation Latina,” a “cisgender millennial,” and “intersectional.”