He let the cat out of the bag…

We’ve all suspected for some time (at least those of us fond of tin foil headgear) that the Feds just might have been involved in helping to precipitate the various right-leaning uprisings over the past few years, starting at least with January 6, if not before.

But, as always happens, we are gaslighted into believing that those pesky MAGA people and those nasty White Supremacists were out to end democracy in our nation.

They are the problem.  Informed opinion tells us so.

Maybe not.

The always-reliable Adam Kinzinger just might have let the truth slip out.

This slimeball RINO, now making his living as a talking head on the leftist media, somehow let slip that some conservative demonstrators assaulted Feds who were pretending to be conservative demonstrators.

If this isn’t the most corrupt power-grab in American history, it certainly is the worst in my lifetime.

Hang on to your guns and keep your family close.  They are coming for us.