Interesting anti-dem rant from Twitter icon – Do you agree with his stance?

Catturd is a right-wing pseudonymous American Twitter “shitposter” and Internet troll. The account is known for its sometimes scatological humor, support of President Trump and for sharing popular conservative opinions. The account owner lives in the Florida Panhandle in a “ranch in the middle of nowhere”. In May 2023 he made #11 in the top 100 most influential Twitter accounts, where Biden came in at #14.

This was his rant!

Our government and especially the Democrat party hates U.S. citizens. They lie about everything. They lie under oath. They control 99% of the media who are merely paid government propagandists. They call us white supremacists, domestic terrorists, deplorables, extremists, and every name in the book 24/7. They tried to lock us down, bankrupt us, force an untested “vaccine” into our arms, then called us grandma murderers and told us we’d all die in a winter of death – when we wouldn’t comply. Meanwhile, they left all the big corporations open for business and made them and Big Pharma filthy rich. They work with big tech to silence free speech. We we tell the truth, they label it hate speech and scream MISINFORMATION! They closed churches, left liquor stores open, and try to destroy our religious beliefs on a daily basis – then they shove their warped, twisted, woke, evil alternate reality down our throats 24/7. They send 100s of billions to protect Ukraine’s borders while leaving ours wide open. They use the intel community, corrupt judges, corrupt DAs, and the full might of the U.S government to illegally crush their political opposition. Meanwhile, ignoring blatantly obvious crimes in their own party. They release murderers, thieves, rapists, and career criminals back onto our streets with a slap on the wrist to assault us over and over. And they finance it all by stealing half our money and somehow they all miraculously become filthy rich themselves while in office. Our biggest enemies aren’t outside our borders – they’re right here at home.