How long can the Biden family get away with it?

The 2020 Senate investigation into the business affairs of the Biden family has unveiled that bank accounts linked to Hunter Biden received payments totaling $5.1 million from Chinese business partner, Henry Zhao. This transaction took place within ten days of recently exposed texts where Hunter Biden leveraged his father’s influence to demand payment.

Henry Zhao, who played a significant role in setting up a Chinese investment fund, is reportedly closely tied to Chinese intelligence, as per Peter Schweizer, a senior contributor to Breitbart News and President of the Government Accountability Institute. In 2017, Zhao collaborated with the Chinese energy conglomerate, CEFC Energy, which also has connections with Chinese military intelligence.

A recently released screenshot of a WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden to Henry Zhao, dated July 30, 2017, showcases Hunter Biden pressuring Zhao for payment, citing his father, Joe Biden’s, influence. Within ten days of this message, a subsidiary of CEFC transferred two payments adding up to $5.1 million to accounts associated with Hunter Biden, according to records mentioned in the Senate GOP investigation. MSN

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