The climate emergency in a nutshell

If you go against the prevailing opinion on the ‘climate emergency’ on the internet you get throttled, which means fewer people see your posts. If they are included in emails such as the one you get every day from me, they are dumped into your spam folder or just not delivered at all. 

But sometimes you take a chance because there is something worth taking a chance for. And this tweet summarizes how we are being manipulated over data that is modeled and molded until it delivers the outcome the people behind the theory want you see. 

Real data is seldom used accurately, start and end points for trends are cherry-picked to deliver the grimmest outcome, data such as temperatures are assessed without consideration for the change in environment over the past hundred years. Many temperature readings were taken from sites on the edge of local airfields which are now concrete runways in major urban hotspots.

The list of fakery goes on. Which is why I like this.