How this suppressed BBC AIDS narrative seems eerily familiar…

This is the text from the tweet below: A production company named Meditel Productions devoted three years to the making of this BBC Documentary that never aired because of political pressure.

They were given a testing budget and brought in world renowned scientists to properly conduct the scientific tests needed to prove their theory, that HIV has never been isolated, a direct threat to the orthodoxy that by then had already been deeply entrenched within the medical industrial complex and the culture at large.

It was to be a one hour exposé to be aired on World AIDS day 1998. The channel 4 news editor started to get cold feet and said they would only broadcast a 10 minute report that day, something that didn’t sit well with the production company.

The day before the transmission, the editor Jim Gray said he has a “tectonic shift” and refused to broadcast the report.

In this thread I have provided a screenshot of the press release from Meditel announcing the project and one that condemns the censorship of the broadcast.

I have also included a link for the extra skeptical out there to an archive of the correspondence between Meditel and the BBC. It proves the sad story about the film that never aired on television.

Until now and I think once you have viewed this, you will understand why it has been censored for 25 years. I don’t claim to know the absolute truth in regards to this matter but the evidence presented is extremely compelling.

While watching this I found that it has eerily similar parallels with how COVID has been handled. Judge for yourself.

Watch the video – and learn