These poisons – banned across the globe – are approved for food use in US – and are very commonly used

Transcript of Tweets below: Potassium Bromate is BANNED from human consumption in Europe, China, Brazil, Canada, India and more. It’s quite literally toxic to humans. It promotes the development of tumors.

In America, you can find it in just about any product on the shelf. Bagels, bread, crackers, donuts, muffins, pastries, pizza, pretzels, rolls, tortillas, ice cream cones and more. Every time you eat one of those you’re LITERALLY INGESTING CANCER. This, of course, benefits Big Pharma and everyone else who can make a buck off of our illnesses.

This is a serious disaster. Most companies won’t take the incentive and do better for their customers if they have to take a loss somewhere to make changes… and I don’t blame the companies. Their goal is to make money. Period. If it’s legal, they’re going to do it. That’s how life works.

Most people can’t even afford the products without this chemical. They’re too expensive. I did groceries yesterday with my wife. Two people and a dog. We bought for about two weeks. The cart was $319.00. This was in Publix. Not a fancy place like Whole Foods. If I bothered to look at the ingredients of what we bought, I’m sure I’d find far more cancer-causing, weight-gaining trash like Potassium Bromate.

So what are you supposed to do? I say it time and time again. The FDA is poisoning us by allowing this SHIT in our country. And they’re making us the fattest country in the world as they laugh all the way to the bank. And no, I will NOT stop complaining about it. It is a bipartisan disaster. Both parties allow this stuff to continue and allow people to die because they refuse to address the POISON we are eating as we gain weight, look like fat tubs of horse shit, and walk deeper into our coffins at every bite.

You might not know this, but US chicken is banned in the EU because it is washed with chlorine. US Corn is banned from most of the world too because it is sprayed with atrazine (Click to see our piece on Atrazine and gender fluidity). Atrazine is banned in most of the world because it is known to cause cancer. Don’t forget, we are literally being poisoned and fed cancer by eating food in this country. They want you fat, sick and dying. And frankly, that’s what most of us are.

And our eggs…

We even treat our eggs differently. Most countries don’t wash away the naturally secreted coating which renders the egg waterproof and less likely to contract salmonella. They can keep their eggs on the counter for months. In the US we wash and refrigerate.

So what’s the deal with washing and refrigeration? Soon after eggs pop out of the chicken, American producers put them straight to a machine that shampoos them with soap and hot water. The steamy shower leaves the shells squeaky clean. But it also compromises them, by washing away a barely visible sheen that naturally envelops each egg. (NPR)

“The egg is a marvel in terms of protecting itself, and one of the protections is this coating, which prevents them from being porous,” says food writer Michael Ruhlman, author of Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World’s Most Versatile Ingredient.

The coating is like a little safety vest for the egg, keeping water and oxygen in and bad bacteria out. Washing can damage that layer and “increase the chances for bacterial invasion” into pores or hairline cracks in the shell, according to Yi Chen, a food scientist at Purdue University.

So we spray eggs with oil to prevent bacteria from getting in, and refrigerate them to keep microorganisms at bay. Which is dumb. The hen had it right.