Federal data shows cheap migrants pushing this bloc in to unemployment

Federal data show a two-month rise in unemployment among black Americans due to the Biden administration’s deliberate transfer of compliant and cheap migrant workers into Americans’ workplaces.

“Black workers saw their unemployment rate rise to 6% in June from 5.6% in May, making it the second consecutive monthly increase,” CNBC.com reported on July 7. For men “within that demographic, unemployment … grew to 5.9% in June, up from 5.6% in May.” Breitbart

Government-backed migration allows employers to hire young, healthy, cheap, grateful, and hard-working people in place of unwanted American employees, such as former convicts, older and unhealthy Americans, or workers they deem to be lazy or resentful. In many cases, those replaced U.S. workers may be black — and federal data now show that black Americans are seeing a notable rise in unemployment.

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