Cali Dems scramble to reverse vile decision on child sex trafficking

After rejecting a proposal to stiffen penalties for repeat sex trafficking of minors, a decision that triggered bipartisan outrage in the state Capitol, California Democrats on a high-profile policy committee frantically backpedaled to save face. According to local media, no Democrats on the committee voted for the bill. Both Republican assemblymen on the committee — Tom Lackey and GOP Vice Chair Juan Alanis — voted to advance the bill.

Senate Bill 14, which would add human trafficking of a minor for sex to the list of “serious felonies” under California’s penal code, was sailing through the Legislature with bipartisan support all year until Democrats on the Assembly Public Safety Committee struck it down Tuesday amid concerns that it would penalize victims and worsen incarceration rates.  Serious felony charges under California law currently include murder, rape and any other crime that may incur the death penalty or life sentence in state prison.

Chaos erupted in the Democratic-controlled Legislature after the committee’s vote, with Republican lawmakers blaming Democrats for failing to crack down on child sex trafficking and Democrats blaming Republicans for failing to address the root causes of crime. More at LATimes.

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