Is 2024 ‘D-Day’ for the New World Order? Probably.

The United Nations is planning to make its move. The UN is planning to unveil proposals for the unprecedented expansion of its influence during the upcoming “Summit of the Future” conference in 2024. With it comes the plan for a global currency and a ‘social credit’ system similar to that practiced in totalitarian China.

Included in the proposals are policies that would grant the organization an “emergency platform” during “global crisis” events.

Such “crises” would be determined by the UN itself and “emergencies” would be declared by the agency.

Should a global “emergency” be declared by the UN, it would enable the agency to deploy “emergency powers” to meet “climate change” goals or enforce restrictions during, or even before, pandemics.

Klaus is involved of course.

Russia is also doing it

Interestingly, one country not in thrall to the World Economic Forum has also decided to go this route. After all Russia believes in monitoring every comrade – old habits die hard – and this is perfect. As we know Putin is trying to round up every man of fighting age – what better way to track them down?

Proof from Brazil that this is just a scheme to rob us blind