The FBI is protecting these monsters. Warning: Graphic Language and Shocking Content

Isn’t it time we got to the bottom of this and found out why – once and for all? The world is awash with news of predators, pedophiles, child trafficking, child sacrifice and torture. Where did it all come from?

News is breaking on all sides. The recent film, “Sound of Freedom” is playing to packed cinemas in the US, despite a dirty tricks campaign to prevent viewers from watching it in comfort such as turning off the air conditioning. The discussion around this message to expose the massive global child-trafficking industry has pointed accusatory fingers at the elite obsession for sex with minors – and the government’s abysmal record on ending it. Accusations of protectionism have been made, especially by victims such as this young woman. 

The Bigger Problem is Hollywood and Media

We know that religious institutions are the go-to for pedophilia references but we should also cast our eyes West.

Instagram has been letting a vast network of accounts promoting and purchasing child sexual abuse material flourish on its platform.

Some reports from people like Corey Feldman (below) say the pedophilia in Hollywood has been going on for years. Now, finally, the vile practice is being exposed. Let us pray that this is correct.

And then let’s burn every complicit entity to the ground. The perverts, the crime organizations and the government agencies which have been corrupted. All of them must be destroyed.

Look at the difference

If even a part of this is true…