The DC Favor Factory and the $35 million the IRS has spent on guns and ammo

Adam Andrzejewski, OpenTheBooks CEO/Founder, a man we admire very much, joined Russell Brand’s Stay Free Podcast to discuss the Washington, D.C. favor factory, earmarks, White House Payroll, the militarization of the U.S. federal agencies, and more.

He revealed that since 2006, the IRS has spent $35,000,000 guns, ammo and related weaponry, including 15 million rounds and 15 sub-machine guns.

Russell Brand is a force of nature – he has created a platform that reaches millions of people per episode.

In just 12 minutes the guys covered: 

  • the details on the militarization of the IRS and all federal agencies. He asked questions about FBI paid informants and how much taxpayer money is spent on those informants.
  • our successful, on-going effort to capture and post online “every dime” of federal, state and local spending.
  • the many egregious examples of earmark spending from Republicans and Democrats in the omnibus budget bill passed earlier this year. 

Adam’s conversation with Mr. Brand ended in true Stay Free nature: a debate — as to whether or not he is pronouncing “buttocks” correctly!