Amazing Ad by Virginia Senate Hopeful will make YOU think

Republican Navy veteran Hung Cao formally announced Tuesday that he was jumping into the race to unseat Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine in Virginia. Cao did so with a powerful video emphasizing both his gratitude for the United States, which took his family in as refugees in 1975, and his unwillingness to see it devoured by the same forces of darkness that first brought him here. The Blaze

Watch as he warns against communism taking over in America. From his experience of the real thing.

Cao’s stated policy positions and platform pledges include commitments to:

  • “Repel the invasion” at the southern border, in part by building the wall and supporting border states;
  • Support parental rights, maximize school choice, and tackle woke indoctrination in schools;
  • Destigmitize not going to college while championing trade and vocational schools;
  • Achieve American energy independence by investing in oil, gas, nuclear power, and other energy sources in the homeland;
  • Onshore jobs and protect American labor from foreign nations’ unfair trade practices;
  • Counter communist Chinese aggression and influence;
  • Protect the unborn and counter the extremist abortionist policies pushed by Democrats like Kaine; and
  • Hold the Biden White House accountable for its possibly criminal actions.

Cao is a combat veteran who served with special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, hammers his fist once more, recalling it was the last sound his Vietnamese parents heard “when their fathers were taken away in the middle of the night and they never saw their loved ones again.” 

“That’s the sound of losing your freedom,” said Cao.

While Kaine, now seeking a third term, is said to be favored to win back his Senate seat, the Washington Post indicated that the Republican victories during the 2021 elections that saw Gov. Glenn Youngkin elected have inspired fear and uncertainty in Democrats.

This should scare them. He’s the real deal.

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