Some date night! Police found man’s head and penis in a bucket. Testimony is grim …

Police bodycam footage showed the moment police in Green Bay, Wisconsin, found a bucket filled with the severed head and penis of a murder victim in his mother’s basement.

Taylor Schabusiness, 25, was arrested in February 2022 for allegedly murdering Shad Thyrion inside his mother’s Green Bay home. Schabusiness cut off Thyrion’s head, sexually assaulted him, then dismembered the rest of his body, investigators believe. The victim’s mother found his head in a bucket. Detectives found Thyrion’s body parts in plastic bags, a storage tote, the bucket, and a box in Schabusiness’ van.

Jurors in the trial of Taylor Schabusiness saw the footage played that showed police searching the basement of 25-year-old man Shad Thyrion’s family home, where they found his dismembered body parts. Schabusiness, also 25, was accused of strangling her boyfriend Thyrion to death during a meth-fueled BDSM sex session. The Blaze

Not content with this, she attacked her attorney in court back in March. Attorney Jolly was asking for extra time get an expert witness who would reportedly be able to testify to Schabusiness’ mental capacity. She pled not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, so the testimony of that expert witness would be helpful for her defense.

Despite the seriousness of the circumstances, Schabusiness did not seem to appreciate Jolly’s efforts on her behalf. Just moments after Judge Walsh agreed to extend the trial, Schabusiness lunged at Jolly and swung at him with her fists. A deputy had to restrain Schabusiness physically, and the courtroom had to be cleared before the hearing could continue.

Jury finds Taylor Schabusiness guilty yesterday

Schabusiness gave a sick description to investigators of how she dismembered him and sexually abused his corpse at the same time, her trial heard Wednesday.

Taylor Schabusiness, offered up the disturbing details in a filmed interrogation soon after she allegedly choked Thyrion to death with a dog collar in February 2022, jurors heard.

“I was sucking and cutting at the same time,” Schabusiness said in the video, which was played to the jury during Wednesday’s proceedings, Law&Crime reported

“I liked it,” she continued. “I didn’t know what to do.”

Schabusiness, who could be seen laughing at various points throughout the interrogation, added that her lover’s head was allegedly the “first thing I took off” and that she was “very” excited about abusing his corpse.  NYPost

A detective with the Green Bay Police Department took the stand in Taylor Schabusiness’ murder trial Monday. Detective Phillip Scanlan detailed what he found at the bloody crime scene, including meth and the dog collar Schabusiness allegedly used to strangle 24-year-old Shad Thyrion.