New from Maybelline! A beard!

What do you think of this ‘Brand Influencer”? Meet Ryan Vita (whose TikTok states his pronouns are he/she/they), a social media star known for makeup and skincare content with 1.2 million followers.

In fact, Maybelline has used members of the LGBTQ community and men to market its products for years (including some who are bearded), most notably in 2017, when it enlisted Manny Gutierrez, known for his popular “Manny Mua” YouTube channel with nearly 5 million subscribers, as its first male star of a marketing campaign.

Maybelline has also used plenty of other LGBTQ stars in promotional materials, including drag star Trixie Mattel, trans makeup artist Nikkie de Jager (known primarily by her YouTube channel name, NikkieTutorials), as well as trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, whom we know from the Bud Light fiasco.