Chinese-run “Dark Lab” Found in California – Where else are they?

Authorities discovered an illegal Chinese biolab hidden inside a nondescript warehouse in California. 

They found: 20+ “infectious agents” including including coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis, and herpes. There were thousands of vials of unlabeled fluids of suspected biological material. 773 infected mice were euthanized by the government and another 175 were found already dead.

How many more illegal biolabs are currently operating in the US from China? And where else are they operating? 

News report

Local and federal authorities spent months investigating a warehouse in Fresno County, California, that they suspect was home to an illegal, unlicensed laboratory full of lab mice, medical waste and hazardous materials. 

“Certain rooms of the warehouse were found to contain several vessels of liquid and various apparatus,” “Fresno County Public Health staff also observed blood, tissue and other bodily fluid samples and serums; and thousands of vials of unlabeled fluids and suspected biological material.”

Court documents as quoted by NBC News.

The Fresno County Public Health Department has been “evaluating and assessing the activities of an unlicensed laboratory” in Reedley, the health department’s assistant director, Joe Prado, said in a statement Thursday. All of the biological agents were destroyed by July 7 following a legal abatement process by the agency.