How the US lost its hog business and why foreigners are buying our land

I’m posting both the Rumble and the X versions here as I have heard from a reader that Rumble takes ages to buffer. The story is the same in both. The Chinese and Bill Gates are buying up American farmland. Makes sense, they are short on food supplies for their own people. But how does it affect us? As usual, it’s a war on the individual.

The World Economic Forum, its henchmen in the United Nations, Big Business and the allied billionaire elites are frantically trying to eliminate the individual of the Enlightenment period as we understand it and return us to serfdom as peasants and indentured servants, utterly dependent on our superiors’ discretion for every morsel, roof and stimulation. We suspect Gates is buying land to control farming and water supplies. After all he thinks we’re the problem and wants to cut the population.

In RFK Jr.’s example, a massive corporation, using cronyism, destroyed the hog business in the US and handed it to China. Whether it’s a billionaire or a foreign country – where is the outrage from the government that monopolistic practices are in play? Could it be because it’s the left that’s behind it all?

Where we’re headed

News from overseas

Interestingly, Chinese companies and individuals are also buying up residential properties as fast as they are being built in other parts of the world and immediately renting them out. Who knows where that will lead? Are they bolt-holes? Are they to manipulate the local property market? Will they be locations for spies?