Tucker and the Jan 6 Police Chief Go There

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund suggests to Tucker Carlson that General Milley and Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller were involved in a coverup on January 6th. This is same as the interview that Fox News never released. So Carlson and Sound have recreated it.

Sund, a police officer for over 30 years, was head of the U.S. Capitol Police from 2019 through the protests, but resigned Jan. 7 amid claims by Pelosi (D-Calif.) and others that “there was a failure of leadership at the top.”

Speaking to Carlson, he once again detailed the apparent disparity between what was known in the days leading up to the Jan. 6 protests by various U.S. intelligence agencies about possible threats and what was ultimately shared with the Capitol Police, stressing the delta was “night and day.”

Sund said the intelligence his team was left with suggested that “this was going to be just like the previous MAGA rallies, the November and December rallies that we had,” but provided “absolutely zero” indication of possible threats against Capitol Police officers, the Capitol, and/or members of Congress.

“None of that was included in the intelligence” that the Capitol Police and its internal intel agency received, he said.

Sund reveals that military leaders were so worried about January 6th that they were considering locking down the city but then mysteriously kept quiet to Sund.

On Sunday and Monday, they had been discussing locking down the city… because of the concern for violence. You know who issues the permits on Capitol Hill for demonstrations?”

“I do,” Sund said.

“You know, who wasn’t told? Me. Instead, on January 4th, what does Miller do? He puts out a memo restricting the National Guard from carrying the various weapons, any weapons, any civil disobedience equipment that would be utilized for the very demonstrations or violence that he sees coming. It just doesn’t make any sense.