The Race to the Bottom. Using Forest Fire as a Military Weapon.

“In 1965 the Joint Chiefs of Staff requested that the Secretary of Defense initiate research to determine the feasibility of measuring the flammability characteristics of forests and jungle growth, modifying flammability so that vegetation would readily support combustion and developing measures to destroy large areas of forest or jungle growth by fire. This research has been conducted by the Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture, under sponsorship of the Advanced Research Projects Agency through ARPA Order 818. The primary research attention was given to the flammability characteristics of jungle growth in tropical and monsoonal climates where forest fires seldom occur naturally.”

Image 2 is very related in regards to Firestorms, using surface winds to fan fires and increase the burning rate substantially.

So they can set the fire with bad actors on ground torching vegetation or dry grass or exploding fuel sources, or they do it from the sky with directed energy weapons targeting multiple areas. This document (below) says that multiple fire sources surrounding the target with high winds is most effective at wiping out an entire area very quickly.

They then show how to use various geoengineering techniques to blast the land with a dry hurricane and high speed winds to turn a series of small brush fires into a raging firestorm that obliterates everything extremely quickly.

Image 3 discusses incendiary devices, and image 4 discusses how “crucial” weather is in the success of forest burning.

This is where we end up when we allow the industrial military complex run everything. The language and tone of these documents is brutally cold, calculating, and inhuman.

And they even use the Bible as inspiration for their dreadful plans.

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