Maui: Where are the children ?

The governor of Hawai’i looks terrified, ashamed and shifty when he talks to the cameras these days. And the questioning will only get harder. (Transcript of his interview here.)

The firestorm burned King Kamehameha III Elementary School, damaged three other campuses and damaged or destroyed more than 2,200 homes and buildings. Reuters

“400 students from the burn area have enrolled in other public schools …200 signed up for distance learning.” Out of 3,000 students. 600 are accounted for/enrolled in school.”

So the big question is where are the children? The Hawaiians know. When the children were not accounted for after 48 hours — didn’t go to a friend’s house, didn’t go to Auntie’s house — the families all knew. 

Just 400 students back in school? Where are the others? Why no phone messages?

Why not be truthful?

The local schools closed early because of the high wind warning and many children were home alone. As we all now know, there were no siren alerts, no cellphone evacuation warnings and no way children would know what to do when the flames licked around their homes. It was back-to-school day and had the cancellation not occurred the children would have been in a group that could have been targeted by rescuers. Although another fatal decision had been made to turn off the water, hampering the fire department’s work. This man is responsible for that decision. He speaks here of “revering” water. 

Police Chief has a past on cover-ups

No one on Maui is confident that the police will get to the bottom of this. Their Police Chief John Pelletier was in charge of the Las Vegas shooting investigation where a gunman opened fire from a hotel window on 22,000 concert-goers, killing 58 people and wounding hundreds of others. When the police released their final report into the mass shooting they said they were unable to determine a motive.

Plans already moving to acquire land

This is a developing story. Something fishy is going on Lahaina. 

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