How to stone a woman to death from the Green Lane Mosque, receiver of a massive grant from the UK government

The video is from Birmingham’s Green Lane Majid & Community Centre (GLMCC) a registered charity. The Charities Governing Document states that the Charity’s purpose is to “Advance the Islamic Faith for the Public Benefit”.

We are unclear as to how this video of an imam lecturing an audience on how to stone a woman to death advances any cause we would wish to encourage. 

“You must first bury her up to her waist to preserve her modesty”.

Shaykh Zakaullah Saleem is the head imam and head of education at the Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham, the United Kingdom.

Usually, this kind of speech would be prohibited in the UK, and the perpetrator prosecuted. In woke Britain, the mosque recently received £2.2 million from the government to “support young people”.

More on the grant here.

Other examples of GLMCC’s “teaching”

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