Looks like they’re bringing masks back for election year…

Almost a year since President Joe Biden declared the pandemic at its end, certain educational institutions and workplaces are reinstating mask mandates. This move comes in light of whispers that the administration is preparing for new COVID regulations possibly next month.

The Eris sub-variant of COVID, identified in over 50 countries like Denmark and Israel, has caused a surge in the medical community and health activists advocating for a return of the COVID-era restrictions, prominently the compulsory wearing of face coverings, despite there being an overwhelming lack of evidence to suggest they stop the spread of the disease and many studies that suggest they do more harm than good, especially to children. .

Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-Calif.) expressed his opposition to The Epoch Times, stating that such mandates would be “simply inappropriate for any level of government.” He continued, “The notion that certain jurisdictions and institutions would rush back into mandate mode is not going to be well received by anyone in this country.” Kiley cited the president’s announcement marking an end to the national emergency and pointed out that there is no solid evidence proving the positive health impact of these mandates.

On the other hand, certain regions have already embraced mask mandates once again. Following a minor increase in the virus, two Syracuse-based hospitals, University and Community General, made face masks and COVID testing mandatory starting Aug. 17, as per local news reports.

According to a memo acquired by Syracuse.com, “Effective immediately, mandatory masking is required by all staff, visitors, and patients in clinical areas.”

Major Hollywood studio, Lionsgate, located in Los Angeles, also introduced a mask policy in its Santa Monica offices. An internal memo specifies the use of “a medical grade face covering” in indoor spaces, with a few exceptions.

Morris Brown College in Atlanta followed suit, announcing through an Aug. 20 Instagram post that everyone on campus must wear masks.

Public health officials, especially from the Los Angeles County Public Health agency, are encouraging the general public to adopt face coverings again, due to a rise in COVID cases. The CDC expects to release a new COVID booster shot specifically designed for the Eris variant soon, as revealed by CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen to NBC News. Dr. Cohen predicts an annual COVID shot, similar to the flu vaccine.

Despite rising concerns, the spread remains historically low. There’s been an increase in hospitalization rates by approximately 17% between June and July, but these figures are significantly lower than last year’s rates.

The topic of mask mandates has long been contentious. Critics argue against its effectiveness, and studies have shown conflicting results. One such study from 2021 in the Southern Medical Journal observed no significant impact of mask mandates in Bexar County, Texas. A comprehensive review of 78 studies by the Cochrane Library in January 2023 also found no evidence supporting mask effectiveness.

The CDC has been altering its guidelines. Their current recommendations include mask-wearing in specific public indoor settings, especially for children above the age of two.

However, the debate was reignited after an Aug. 18 report by Infowar’s Alex Jones, suggesting that TSA officials are planning on reimplementing mask mandates by mid-September. This news gained traction and sparked debates on the social media platform, X, previously known as Twitter.

Rep. Kiley, while skeptical about the momentum mask mandates might gain, emphasizes the importance of public vigilance. He concluded, “I’m going to make sure there is no legislation passed in Congress, but it will really come down to how loudly the citizenry makes their voices heard.”

You heard the man! Let’s tell Congress what we think of this idea!

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