Is this who the Democrats have waiting in the wings?

Most people who actually pay attention don’t believe that befuddled Joe Biden is really running the country.

But who is?

There are any number of candidates…

Jill Biden — the First Lady certainly has Joe’s ear.  And the mess that’s been made could well have been her doing.

Susan Rice — Barack Obama’s Domestic U.N. Ambassador and National Security Policy Advisor.  She’s been floating around the Biden Administration as Director of the Domestic Policy Council.  (Jesse Watters thinks she’s the one.)

Ron Klain — Biden’s former Chief of Staff and his chief fixer.

Barack Obama himself?

In any case, the question becomes who will run it next?

Biden will not be the next President.  He’s already well past his sell-by date and it’s not getting any better.  Democrats just have to find a way to ease him out.

And then replace him with who?

Kamala Harris is the obvious choice — except she’ll never be the party’s nominee.  Too much baggage and way too little common sense.

Gavin Newsom, current Governor of California, thinks he’s look really good behind the Resolute Desk.  But, outside of the nutters in the Golden State, who would vote for him?

Hillary would like another shot, but it’s unlikely the party would nominate her as she’s a sure loser no matter who the Republicans nominate.

There are others like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but neither is actually electable.  And the list of those who see themselves as a potential President goes on and on.  But none of them is likely to excite the nation.

But there’s one more that a few in the know are talking about…

If Barack has really been running the country, this would be his best chance to keep on keeping on.  Michelle would certainly look to the former President for advice and counsel.  And he’d get at least four more years to keep screwing up the country.

Be afraid.聽 Be very afraid.