USDA could revise its alcohol recommendations to match Canada’s nanny state guidelines.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist using this. Maybe we should drink less?!!

In yet another example of the nanny state’s intrusion into the private lives of its citizens, President Biden’s so-called ‘alcohol czar’ revealed to the Daily Mail that the United States Department of Agriculture could soon revise its booze guidelines to just two drinks a week. 

George Koob, director of the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, said the current alcohol intake guidelines are up for review in 2025, which recommend women can have up to one bottle of beer, a small glass of wine, or a shot of liquor per day while men can have two. But those guidelines are up for review in 2025. 

Koob’s interview comes after a study recently published in JAMA Network Open found an increasing number of Americans are drinking themselves to death. 

… and it’s not just booze. Since Covid, middle-aged adults 35 to 50 (prime-age workers) have been consuming higher and higher amounts of marijuana and hallucinogens

Koob pointed out there were “no benefits” to drinking alcohol in terms of improving overall health. He said: 

“Most of the benefits people attribute to alcohol, we feel they really have more to do with what someone’s eating rather than what they’re drinking.

“So it really has to do with the Mediterranean diet, socio-economic status, that makes you able to afford that kind of diet and make your own fresh food and so forth.

“With this in mind, most of the benefits kind of disappear on the health side.”

major study from this June warned that drinking any amount of alcohol raised the risk of someone suffering 60 diseases, including 33 that had never been linked to booze before.

Liver cirrhosis — scarring caused by continuous, long-term liver damage — strokes and cancer are already well-established risks of excess boozing. But the Oxford University-led study, which analyzed data from half a million men living in China, also drew links to other conditions like gout and cataracts.

Naturally, the fun-suckers at the World Health Organization say that no amount of alcohol is safe. With so many of them from a religion that doesn’t drink alcohol this is unsurprising but we bet the controlling elites aren’t giving up their expensive wines quite yet.

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