Liberty Safe: How it started and how it’s going

How it started

How it’s going

The Story

How it started

Nathan Hughes is from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Nate was raided by the FBI and arrested at gun point. His girlfriend (who just had a miscarriage) was held at gun point and put in handcuffs. The FBI turned off his security cameras, unplugged his internet, and flipped his house upside down in a search. The feds called the manufacturer of his Liberty Gun Safe and got the passcode to get into it too. All for protesting at the Capitol over 2 1/2 years ago. He is being charged with crimes related to January 6th. He didn’t assault anyone and he didn’t vandalize anything. He is being labeled a domestic terrorist and a traitor to his country by woke leftists and the media.

Liberty responded that it did what the warrant asked. Actually the FBI did not seem to present a warrant for the safe – just the property (see below). I get it’s a tough call for the company but if you have a safe, you expect it to be just that – safe. I’m unclear why they keep the original access codes but it’s a big hole in your personal security if someone else can open your safe with a backdoor PIN. Corporate Liberty Safe made a big mistake here.

Who owns Liberty – clue it’s not 2SA guys

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