Maui is a mess


The family of a woman who died in a wildfire on Maui has filed a negligence lawsuit against the county, state of Hawaii and one of Hawaii’s largest landowners, Bishop Estate.

This is the first lawsuit that has named both Maui County and the state of Hawaii as defendants in a case relating to the devastating fires.

Rebecca Rans, 57, died after trying to flee a wildfire during the inferno that ripped through the towns of Lahaina and Kula last month. She died alongside her long-term partner Doug Gloege.

Ms Rans and Mr Gloege are amongst at least 115 people killed in the inferno, making it one of the US’ deadliest fires in more than a century. While the county released an official list, naming 388 people to be missing last month, many speculate that the number is even higher. Yahoo

There will be many more lawsuits.

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The cause of the fire hasn’t been determined, but it’s possible powerlines from downed utility poles ignited the blaze. Maui County has sued Hawaiian Electric, the electrical utility for the island.

The utility acknowledged its power lines started a wildfire early on Aug. 8 but faulted county firefighters for declaring the blaze contained and leaving the scene, only to have a second wildfire break out nearby. The number of missing keeps changing as more people are found alive – or are identified by DNA remains. The governor claims there are 385 people – not all children unaccounted for.