Electric vehicles are hot — in some cases way too hot!

I’m not a big fan of electric vehicles.  I suppose in some cases they might be useful.  But they are not the solution to climate change (to the extent it even exists), but just another way to separate us from our money and the government from our tax dollars.

There are too many questions yet to be answered.  And too many problems to be overcome.

They just aren’t ready for Prime Time.

And the aftermath of Ian in Florida is a case in point…

You need to make sure your EV is parked somewhere else after it’s been submerged.  Otherwise your house may burn with it.

Nobody seems to want to acknowledge this issue.  But even after it’s dried out an EV battery can catch fire.  And if it’s parked in your garage, it’s likely the house will go as well.

Not the best way to fight for a better climate.