More from Maui – And it stinks

Joe Rogan and Tulsi Gabbard

…discuss the devastating Lahaina fire, the government blocking food and supplies, predatory investors swooping in to buy up homes, and the stark contrast between $700 sent to Lahaina households and the billions sent to Ukraine.

“What I heard over and over again was no one from the county, state, or the federal government has shown their face in our community. It’s neighbors helping neighbors. Families helping families. People on the island of Moloka‘i… are loading up whatever they have in their general store on these little boats and running them to a private boat dock on West Maui because that’s the only place they wouldn’t be blocked from bringing food, water, and medical supplies…

I don’t have a good answer as to why they continued to block the roads. Why they blocked Kai Lenny and others from using their boats and jet skis to bring supplies in through the water. You can say that they were trying to secure the area, but you’re blocking friends and families from bringing necessary supplies in…

Why aren’t you communicating with the people? The results of their decisions left people, families, and communities stranded in their most dire time of need, and the mayor didn’t show his face until almost two weeks after the fire happened.”

This woman hates us for hurting them

What the hell is going on in Maui that this woman is so distressed and angry? Biden being Biden is what is happening. He’s not very happy with Oprah, either!